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Everyday, all across America, someone gets hurt on the job because they weren’t thinking about safety; they were in a hurry, got tired or were complacent. Weekly—or worse yet—monthly safety meetings aren’t enough to keep your crews safe on the job EVERY single day. One of the best ways to control safety incidents is to have a workforce that is constantly aware of the dangers they face every day on the job.

Bottom Line: Safety Matters

In addition to their social costs, workplace injuries and illnesses have a major impact on an employer’s bottom line. It has been estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs alone. The costs of workplace injuries and illnesses include direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, and costs for legal services. Examples of indirect costs include training replacement employees, accident investigation and implementation of corrective measures, lost productivity, repairs of damaged equipment and property, and costs associated with lower employee morale and absenteeism.

Talking Safety! Thinking Safety!

The Daily Safety Huddle™ is a valuable tool that enables supervisors to easily conduct engaging and effective safety meetings. Since 2008, the Daily Safety Huddle™ program has been used by many of the nation’s largest and most safety conscious industrial companies including U.S. Steel, ExxonMobil, Gerdau, General Mills and more. The Daily Safety Huddle™ can also help YOUR workers protect themselves on the job so they can return home to their families safe at the end of every day.



unprotected openings in floors or roofs

Unprotected Openings – Cover All Floor and Roof Holes

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Unprotected Openings — A Preventable Hazard. Workers face many safety hazards on the job.  One of those hazards is falling through dangerous unprotected openings on roofs or floors.  In this incident, a large, unprotected opening was found on the property of an industrial company.  The company was located across the street from several apartment buildings

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wash hands prevent germs

Wash Hands Often to Prevent Germs

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GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE. Washing your hands properly is the most effective way to protect yourself from getting sick and spreading germs to others. So many things we come into contact with have germs on them. From countertops, handrails and doorknobs to shopping cart handles, your kids toys, pets and the garbage you throw out, germs are

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ladder safety

Ladder Safety Learned The Hard Way

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Homeowner Falls Off Ladder. This is a story about ladder safety, one of the most dangerous hazards people encounter on a regular basis.  This Illinois homeowner set up a ladder and was attempting to get on his roof in November to blow leaves off the roof.  He recently had new concrete poured on his patio. 

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Helping to Keep Our Clients Safe

We most definitely want to continue utilizing your Safety Huddle. Our Supervisors begin each shift with the Safety Huddle message of the day, throughout the facility (office personnel & production personnel). These Safety Huddles have proven to be a big part of our daily safety meetings and brings good discussions to the table. I also think it has assisted us in reducing incidents and accidents in our facility.

( Terri N., H&S Manager )

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