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Everyday, all across America, someone gets hurt on the job because they weren’t thinking about safety; they were in a hurry, got tired or were complacent. Weekly—or worse yet—monthly safety meetings aren’t enough to keep your crews safe on the job EVERY single day. One of the best ways to control occupational injuries is to have a workforce that is constantly aware of the dangers they face every day on the job.

Our classic booklet design option delivers Daily Safety Huddle™ content in a pre-printed, daily calendar sheet format.  Booklets arrive ready-to-use with tear-off pages for each day of the month.  A different, engaging safety topic on each page keeps your workforce talking safety—and thinking safety as they begin their work shifts.


Digital Device Display

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With our digital download option, employers can make the Daily Safety Huddle™ content available on intranets or distribute to employees via e-mail or other electronic means.  Supervisors and workers can view the content on devices such as mobile phones and tablets.  Safety content can be viewed individually or in groups prior to beginning work shifts.

Computer/Laptop Display

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Another option the digital download provides is the ability to view Daily Safety Huddle™ content on computer screens and laptops.  The  content can then be printed from your computer if you need hard copies to distribute.  While we can provide you with pre-printed booklets, you also have the option to print copies as needed, in any quantity.  Each day of the month has a two-sided sheet, so a printer capable of printing double-sided documents would work best.

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Transporting Cargo Safely

Transporting Cargo Safely

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Workplace safety includes driving and transporting. If you load cargo wrong or do not secure it properly, it can be a danger to others and yourself. Loose cargo that falls off a vehicle can cause traffic problems and others could be hurt or killed. Loose cargo could hurt or kill you during a quick stop

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unprotected openings in floors or roofs

Unprotected Openings – Cover All Floor and Roof Holes

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Unprotected Openings — A Preventable Hazard. Workers face many safety hazards on the job.  One of those hazards is falling through dangerous unprotected openings on roofs or floors.  In this incident, a large, unprotected opening was found on the property of an industrial company.  The company was located across the street from several apartment buildings

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wash hands prevent germs

Wash Hands Often to Prevent Germs

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GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE. Washing your hands properly is the most effective way to protect yourself from getting sick and spreading germs to others. So many things we come into contact with have germs on them. From countertops, handrails and doorknobs to shopping cart handles, your kids toys, pets and the garbage you throw out, germs are

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Helping to Keep Workers Safe

It is my goal as founder and editor of the Daily Safety Huddle, to educate employers on the importance of keeping their employees focused on safety EVERY DAY by having safety huddles before shifts begin. Weekly or monthly safety meetings are not enough. The workplace is too dangerous. Every single day, workers face hazards that can be injurious or even deadly. Talk Safety—And Think Safety—Every Day.

( Timothy S. Kump, Founder/Editor Daily Safety Huddle )

We most definitely want to continue utilizing your Safety Huddle. Our Supervisors begin each shift with the Safety Huddle message of the day, throughout the facility (office personnel & production personnel). These Safety Huddles have proven to be a big part of our daily safety meetings and brings good discussions to the table. I also think it has assisted us in reducing incidents and accidents in our facility.

( Terri N., H&S Manager )

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