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Printed Safety Booklets

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Everyday, all across America, someone gets hurt on the job because they weren’t thinking about safety; they were in a hurry, got tired or were complacent. Weekly—or worse yet—monthly safety meetings aren’t enough to keep your crews safe on the job EVERY single day. One of the best ways to control occupational injuries is to have a workforce that is constantly aware of the dangers they face every day on the job.

Our classic booklet design option delivers Daily Safety Huddle™ content in a pre-printed, daily calendar sheet format.  Booklets arrive ready-to-use with tear-off pages for each day of the month.  A different, engaging safety topic on each page keeps your workforce talking safety—and thinking safety as they begin their work shifts.



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Ladder Safety - LOTO - Confined Space - Trench Safety - Crane Safety - Fall Protection - PPE - Fuel Tank Safety - Eye Safety - Work Zone Safety - Chemical Safety - Forklift Safety - Electrical Safety - Pinch Points - Ergonomics - Material Handling - Tool Safety - Health & First Aid - Machine Guarding - Lifting & Back Health - Transport Safety - Hearing Protection - Respiratory Safety - Workplace Violence - Fire Safety - Chocking & Blocking - Walk/Working Surfaces - Hazard Communications - Bloodborne Pathogens - Flammable Liquids - Propylene Cylinders - Loading Dock Safety - Emergency Evacuation - Driving/Spotter Safety - Scaffolding Safety - Fatigue - Underground Utilities - Drum Labeling - Welding Safety - Hand Protection - Heat Stress - and more...