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safety barricading

Safety Barricading for the Work Zone

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Safety Barricading

This is a great example of a crew doing the safe thing: safety barricading. When using lifts for material handling, the workers at this home improvement store block off the work aisle.  This is done so that shoppers cannot get close to them and their work.  This way, a distracted shopper can’t walk into a manlift or get backed into.  And if something fell from the lift, no one could be injured.

How Does This Relate to Our Work?
Training workers on what a safe work zone looks like is the first step in keeping everyone safe within the work zone.  All workers have to “buy into” the importance of safety—and then practice it during their shift.  All workers have to know about the potential hazards within their work zone and what safety procedures must be taken to minimize or eliminate those hazards.  From wearing proper PPE to setting up physical barricades as well as warning signs, safety procedures must be followed.  Organize a Daily Safety Huddle so workers begin their shift “Talking Safety” and “Thinking Safety”.  Promote a sense of teamwork towards safety to encourage cooperation among workers.  Companies that provide a safe work environment benefit from having a happy, healthy and motivated workforce.

—  When the work site is in public, it is crucial to barricade the work perimeter to keep other workers and pedestrians away from potential danger. 
—  This store uses signs and physical barriers to make sure no one can enter.
—  Even when your work site is barricaded properly, continue to remain alert and keep observing your surroundings.
—  Plan ahead when you know the work site is in public to make sure you have all the barricading and signage required to keep the work zone a safe zone.
—  Always keep your work zone organized and free of clutter and tripping hazards.


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Safety is Crucial at Work Sites

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Work sites can be very dangerous places. Always think safety.

Proper procedures must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. ALL employees at construction work sites must wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hearing protection, gloves, hard hats, safety boots, and eye protection. If you see a co-worker not wearing PPE, intervene and help them get the PPE required for their protection. The foreman pictured on this work site should be wearing his hard hat—and he shouldn’t be standing right under that 3,000lb bucket! Worksites must also be kept free from materials that constitute tripping, fire, explosion hazards, or harbor pests. Maintain good housekeeping on all work sites. Never stand in front of heavy equipment being operated on a job site or under equipment that could fall on you. Never stand under ANY suspended load. Pay attention to where you are at all times to make sure you are not in the line-of-fire. Also protect the public by barricading the work site.


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